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Where To Get Professional SEO Services?

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to do SEO by yourself. Many people are not aware of the fact that the search engine optimization techniques that used to work some time ago don’t work no more. In fact, submitting articles to article directories, submitting the sites to countless web directories and so on doesn’t only bring 0 results, but it also attracts a penalty. Updates like Panda, Venice or Penguin can actually send every website to the depths of the search pages.

Now, because it’s better to prevent rather than heal, it’s important to avoid such techniques. In fact, if business owners don’t know how to promote the website of their business, it may even be better to not do anything rather than try to beat Google without knowing how to do it without risking. This means, however, especially for a service based business, that the organic traffic will be pretty much close to 0, especially if the business is a local one, in an area where there are many other businesses alike.

This is why people need to contract professional SEO agencies like profitheat.com, for example, instead of contracting individuals to promote their website. Why? For several reasons:

1) a SEO agency has a large portfolio, that can be easily verified. If the websites from the portfolio are still on the first page, then the agency is trustworthy.

2) An individual freelancer can do mistakes or can rush the project in order to finish the report before the deadline while in an agency there are many people working at the same project in the same time. As a general rule, even if one person does make a mistake, it won’t be as harmful for the project is it would be if it was done by a freelancer;

3) Some search engine optimization agencies are offering contracts in which they stipulate that their actions won’t alter the position of the website within Google’s search pages.